Book One: The Sour Milk Dragon

Birpus & Bulbus in the Forest of Fine Repute
The Sour Milk Dragon

Their adventures are only just beginning!

Birpus & Bulbus is a new picture book series chronicling the whimsical adventures of two Tree Wee Brothers living in The Forest of Fine Repute. In The Sour Milk Dragon, Birpus and Bulbus discover how a small act of kindness transforms fear into friendship. Follow Birpus and Bulbus and their Grand Wees, Nester Nook and Granny Cranny, on a magical journey of acceptance, love and family.

The adventures of Birpus & Bulbus book's characters, The Sour Milk Dragon, Nester Nook and Granny Cranny, and Birpus & Bilbus

The Authors

Wynn Everett Albanese

Wynn is a Georgia native and an Auburn University graduate.
She is an actor working in film and television.
Most of all, she loves being home with her family.

Michael Albanese

A native of New York City, Michael grew up in Marietta, GA.
He loves writing, coffee, basketball and all forms of art.

Wynn and Michael live and dream in Atlanta with their two daughters and two cats.  This is their first children's book together.

Nester Nook and Granny Cranny

The Illustrator

Indre Ta

Indre loves bringing imagination to life through various mediums of expression.

Whether it is drawing, sculpture, or illustration.

Illustrating books was one of her childhood dreams, and she is quite pleased to partially live her dream by bringing Birpus and Bulbus’s world to life.

The Adventures of Birpus & Bulbus