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Stories and Meditations on Sobriety and Recovery


The Weight of Ink is proud to present Jason Umidi's first book "Jesus + Seltzer", a collection of meditations and stories intended to inspire hope in both addicts and alcoholics in recovery as well as the sober curious.

Based on the author’s personal, raw and hopeful journey from decades of addiction to the freedom of sobriety, “Jesus + Seltzer” reflects on and celebrates the sober lifestyle in a pocket-sized, easy-to-read format for anyone, at any time, seeking a moment of encouragement.

Jesus + Seltzer Book


“If you’ve struggled to find a book that speaks to both your faith and your recovery, this is it. Each meditation is profound and the perfect length to settle your mind on your program and on Jesus—the author and finisher of your faith.”

—Susan E. Isaacs, author of Angry Conversations with God

“This book will challenge, inspire, and—if you’re struggling with an addiction or love someone who is—guide you to a breakthrough. Jesus + Seltzer is authentic, genuine, and raw. Read it if you dare: you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”

—Sammy Ray Scaggs, Author & Consultant, Low Horn Consulting

“Jason Umidi’s book, Jesus + Seltzer, is honest and inspiring, filled with many personal truths and insight. The author shares a moving and thoughtful glimpse into his recovery process shrouded with hope.”

—Sandra Coppola, Ph.D. Senior Director, Personal Counseling, Berkeley College

“When was the last time you felt comfortable being transparent and honest in a community of faith? Whether or not you are dealing with addiction or simply trying to find freedom in life, Jason has written a modern and relevant daily reminder of how we are all in the process of restoration.”

Nick Cokas, Founder,


The author of Jesus + Seltzer, Jason Umidi

Jason Umidi

As a pastor’s kid who has grown up in the church, I’ve had my fair share of Sunday services. However, none of them prepared me for the disappointments in life. We all have them, right? The relationship that didn’t work out. The dream job that never materialized, loss of your health or the death of a loved one. For most, it’s simply the dreams that never came into fruition.

Church and its collection of “do’s & don’ts” for how to live your life didn’t soothe my broken soul. My faith faltered during my personal struggles, as the chronic pain from 5 spine fusion surgeries overwhelmed me and my bipolar depression left me empty and dead within. Instead, I found alcohol and prescription opioids & fentanyl to be a much better comfort...